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    I'm a runner, and I'd love to have an app on my phone that will allow me to track both my running/exercises as well as my meals and snacks. I've looked through the app gallery several times, but I can't find anything that's what I'm looking for with great ratings. Any suggestions?
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    Smartrunner maybe?

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    Absolute Fitness does a good job for keeping track of meals & snacks. It doesn't map out where a person runs, but does allow one to enter how long the performed a given exercise and calculates the number of calories burned.
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    I also recommend Absolute Fitness. You can add Jog Stats if you want a GPS enabled activity measure. It will map your runs/bike rides/hikes/etc. And give you calorie utilization, elevation, speed statistics, and you can export the data.
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    iGPS is a good app to keep track your runs or workout activities (bike, hike, ...).
    Many features, statistics, elevation, GPX or KML export data, graphs, ...
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