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    Exklusive Apps zum Touchpad-Start in Deutschland | webOS Blog

    Some possibly french ones:
    AlloCiné (movie-db)
    Sooloos(Sharing of PC-music over wifi) - marketing BeatsAudio
    Marmiton Touch (recipies)
    Orange Mécanique (Clockwork Orange cutscenes, bonusstuff) - marketing Flash Player

    Some germans:
    Auto Motor und Sport (Motorsport Magazine)
    Mein HP (perhaps the instant support app? HP will bring Instant mobile technical support to webOS
    TV Spielfilm (TV Guide Magazine)
    Gala (Yellowpress Magazine)
    Cinema (Movie Magazine)
    Focus online (News Magazine)
    N24 (News TV) (Magazine)
    OK Magazin (Livestyle Magazine)

    And last but not least a comment the Kindle will come to the TouchPad and that they are "trying" ! to extend that offering to WebOS phones.
    HP bringt zum Launch darüber hinaus Kindle – ein E-Book-Reader vom Versand-Händler Amazon – auf das HP TouchPad und arbeitet derzeit daran, das Angebot auf die webOS Smartphones auszuweiten.

    Well, all in all not mindblowing, same magazine-apps for other german mags andd sites (Spiegel,Bild, were there for the Pre- release and some of them were only RRS readers and some are already abandoned. But better then no country specific apps.
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    Don't most people have on-screen tv guides now??? I suppose if you're the type that plans in advance, or maybe they have a way to sync to your PVR at home, somehow.......hmmm... what you said "all in all not mindblowing" indeed.

    I'm not sure what I would expect myself for native apps, from a tablet of any sort, having never seen one aside from the occasional glance here and there online.

    At least have something cool, ie...not a magazine, book, database, movie clips. That's all = BORING.

    Oh well, wait and's to hoping they aren't building these for 60+ year olds only (no offence if you're 60+ and want one of these)
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    magazines on the touchpad? BOORRRRRINNNGGG!!!

    meanwhile, magazines on the ipad are exciting and the future of publishing, yet another reason to get one!
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    Lemme get this straight... they're going to market the thing with A Clockwork Orange??

    Don't get me wrong, I think the film was brilliant and iconic in many ways.... but not sure if its the best choice to market to the public.

    What cutscenes will they use?

    Alex (Malcom Mcdowell) crooning Singing in the Rain?

    The scene with Alex having his eyes pried open during his "treatment" as he is forced to watch horrible images while listening to Beethoven's 9th?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gizmo21 View Post
    And last but not least a comment the Kindle will come to the TouchPad and that they are "trying" ! to extend that offering to WebOS phones.
    your translation is wrong!

    It has to be translated with "working on" the Kindle smartphone app, no way to translate this to "trying"!
    So it's not a question of "if" but a question of "when".

    All in all, if the apps are good, they will serve as a good start.

    However, I am a bit concerned with "" and "Focus online" as these are just the online-counterparts of the actual magazines. It should be "Stern" and "Focus" instead!
    And there is no single german newspaper...why that?

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