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    So, I'm looking for some good free apps on the App Catalogue, Preware, or whatever else.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions. Just let me know what they are and where to find them.

    Thanks! ^^
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    Where to begin? Depends on what you're looking for as to what I'd recommend. But, after Preware (which is absolute must), I'd recommend the following:
    -Mileage Monitor
    -Saber Ultimate
    -Internalz Pro
    -Govnah/Uberkernal/FreeTether -- Oh heck, anything from WebOS Internals
    -eWeather and News
    -pReader Native
    -Angry Birds Lite (of course, you'll probably end up buying it anyway)
    -Glow Hockey Free
    -Probably a lot more I didn't think of...

    Of course, I'm rather partial to the ones listed in my signature.
    Richard Neff

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