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    i have had the paid version on my phone for a while now and i recently docterd my pre 2 and the app dissapeerd and i found it but it says it doesnt work for my os witch is crap couse i already paid for it a while ago when i loged into my profile after doctering it didnt come back anyone know how to fix thisi have 2.0.1
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    Ask danPLC in his thread
    Posting such questions in the related thread will most likely notify the dev by email.
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    Somline is right, the official Music Player (Remix) thread he linked to is the place to ask questions about the app.

    But to answer your question, HP is now forcing me to set the "min OS version" to 2.1 on their app portal site (there are no other choices in the dropdown menu). This prevents people running 2.0.1 from accessing the app even though the app is 100% compatible with 2.0.1.

    I've sent an email to HP and they just wrote back last night saying the app review team is looking into the issue.

    To keep up to date with this issue (or any other news related to my apps), you can follow me on Twitter (@Hedami). EDIT: I've also created this thread in the Hedami developer forum that will track this issue:
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