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    The app for My Coke Rewards seems to have just stopped working for me.
    When I try to log in I get the loading circle thing, and it just never loads.
    Anyone ells have this trouble?
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    Yes, same for me.
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    I have never used the app, but are you able to log into the normal web page? Just curious if something is temporarily down on Coke's end?
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    The normal web page works fine.
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    Same thing is happening to me.
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    There is a current login error. AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $and$ $have$ $been$ $made$ $aware$ $of$ $the$ $developer$ $is$ $aware$ $of$ $the$ $issue$ $and$ $is$ $working$ $on$ $a$ $fix$.
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    This issue has been fixed, v1.0.7 is now available in the App Catalog

    Sorry for the delay, but I dont often read the reviews for my apps, and apparently people think app reviews are for support, rather than our website, email us (altho a few did recently) or our getsatisfaction page.
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    Cool, I just noticed the update was available and it did in fact fix the login issue. Was gonna tell everyone but you beat me to it!

    Today's a good day in terms of updates.
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    I'd been having the same problem and only became of aware of the update here - Thank You!

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