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    So I mean I've bought a few things before(Ancient Frog, Twee, NOVA, Blocks) but those things were when Palm had that half off sale thing like a year ago. I have a few monies to spend and I was thinking about a few things...

    • Carbon/Phnx (while I love Twee, I need latest Twitter support and conversations views)
    • Dropboxify
    • Splashtop (MAYBE)
    • Quickoffice full suite; when (if?) it comes out.
    • Music Player Remix/Koto Player

    Not so much looking for games but productivity and making my life easier. Need some suggestions as the new App Catalog app only lets me see like 20 apps at a time and maybe I missed something awesome.
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    We always prefer that people donate in response to tangible items they can use today, rather than for intangible promises about the future that may or may not be possible to achieve.
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    carbon and phnx both will do you well. music player remix you will love too.
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    certainly buy apps as you need them.

    here are some suggestions.
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    Shameless plug: buy mine! buy mine! *looks at signature*
    Seriously though, music player remix is a must buy.... also.

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