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    I click the link on my pre and app catalog said not available in your country.
    isn't it free app??? I thought sg is in the list that can access free apps....
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    Trying from France, getting this message : "This application is not available for your country".

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    Too bad we have to miss out on this
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    Was re-released for Touchpad only. Looks much different than the beta release.
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    Yeah downloaded this app last night. Says it was made by some HP company, is this their internal webOS application development team?
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    Several months ago when HP was actually committed to webos, they had contests among employees to create apps. If I'm not mistaken this was one done at around that time. I have it on my pre and redownloaded when I saw it available for the TP.

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    The Interface is a mofo to figure out, and then.. Just what the he'll is ituseful for?

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