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    I am using a Sprint FrankenPre Plus running webOS 2.1.0. I have 5GB of free space reported. It also shows when I have the Pre connected in usb mode as 5GB free. I downloaded a few new apps and had to remove a few. The reason was an error message stating my app database is almost full. It had a help link which brought up a blank white page. I removed two of the new apps and The Settlers. The error has not occurred since. I want to reinstall all the apps and use them. I also want more apps. Anyone have an idea what is up? How do I resolve this?

    I have purchased a lot of apps and its a shame this problem arose as I will definitely buy more apps. The Pre3 should have a 32GB and 64GB option for those that won't buy a Touchpad? Why not a flash drive slot? Why do manufacturers charge such a high mark up for the difference in phone flash memory sizes when I could purchase a card cheap if they included the slot?
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    No one else having this problem? Should I try a different forum?
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    is there an mvapp solution available for 2.1?

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