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    I think I'd probably care a lot more about Netflix if I could use it here in Germany
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    Quote Originally Posted by midmofan View Post
    We have had nextflix for quite a while, my wife likes to get the DVDs and I stream all the time via a blu-ray player.

    Since they got the Netflix app or Android, been using it on my EVO quite a bit, really works well.

    After having Netflix on the EVO now for a bit, I would not get a tablet that did not have it as an option. Its just too nice and easy to watch a movie or TV show when you are stuck at an airport or somewhere. Even on the couch when the TV is occupied by someone else. Of course, battery life will also be an issue, I was surprised how it does not drain my phone that badly at all, so hope it will last on a tablet as well.
    Well I watched Netflix @ airport on Evo too. On 4g quality was excellent, but battery was drained 2hr. On 3g quality is ok, but battery is better. Did not run the phone on wifi. So I will miss Netflix on the tab. ( actually I am already missing it on EEE Transformer)

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    For me netflix is extremely important. I'm an iPad 1.0 owner and I'm certain I've spent more time using the netflix app than any other app (even more than the browser or kindle).

    I have been lusting after the TouchPad for a while now. I would have already pre-ordered it if I was sure it would have Netflix out-of-the-box. But, until it has netflix I just can't justify it. I absolutely love the experience of watching netflix in bed. I have a big powerful desktop in my bedroom too, but it needs to run linux (I'm a developer). This means netflix on the desktop (and, by extension, this 'slashtop' thing everyone says is "just as good") is a complete non-starter. Netflix may eventually support linux, but I'm not spending $500 for on something I don't really need for an "eventually... maybe" for the one thing I use a tablet for most.

    I hope the rumors are true and the TouchPad gets netflix at (or shortly after) launch. If not I'll just have to wait around for something better than better than the iPad, with Netflix, comes along.

    Quote Originally Posted by sorli View Post
    It's interesting how important Netflix is to people, but then I simply ran out of things to watch and canceled my subscription.
    You left too soon my friend! I have occasionally run out of things to watch too, but I just wait a week or two and suddenly I'm overwhelmed again by choice. Plus, I love that netflix is so ubiquitous among my friends. I find myself being constantly recommended new and amazing content by friends I would likely have never checked out on my own.

    If HP or Netflix tell me with certainty the TouchPad is getting Netflix I already have $500.00 set aside with HP's name on it.
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