I am currently using my AT&T Palm Pre+ metadoctored to webOS 2.1. Everything works great on it, and my Palm Profile restored all my apps. Before upgrading to 2.1 I had bought ExZeus Arcade for $4.99 (paid for it legitimately, no hacking or cracked versions!). However, now every time I run the app it gives me an error saying that it can't verify my copy of the game and insinuating that I stole the copy of the game.

(I have a fully working wifi internet connection and 3G data on, so it is not a problem of being able to connect to the internet...)

I've reinstalled the game at least 3 times, and tried to delete any traces of the game (it creates a folder in the media/internals folder for appdata) and I can't find any other folders for it on the device because it seems like webOS 2.1's file structure is a bit different than 1.4.5.

What can I do?? Has anyone else had this problem before? I love this game and it'd be a shame if I wasted five bucks on it