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    Docs to Go logo again on the TouchPad

    Despite we all know that in Feb 9th was promised Quickoffice editable to be available at TouchPad launch and also showed the Docs to go logo during JR presentation of it, is the sencond time I see a Docs to Go logo since then, in an actual advertising on Best Buy now.

    At this time I think would be reasonable for everyone to have any of them, despite your preferences. Or is just a HP mistake again? But twice in a period of 4 months after ? Feb to May 2011 ?
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    RIM owns them now, so they aren't likely to pick back up with webOS development. I think you are just seeing visuals created by graphics department people that don't know what any of those icons are... and probably use an iPhone. It's probably a typo.
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    Yeah probably a typo . Unless RIM is now open to license Docs to Go to any other platform including webOS. Hard to tell at this time.

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