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    I want to take a moment now to recognize that no one here has or will, ever say they want one of the 1500 fart apps on the iPhone. *Collective sigh*
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    Quote Originally Posted by phattysalz View Post
    Hulu +
    Doc Editing

    I would say those are necessities. I would like Sling Player but Sling has showed no interest in WebOS.

    HP needs to have the big name apps available day 1. Promises of the apps being available soon would be a complete joke.

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    Sling will come around once there is capable hardware. Making the Webos should be easier no? Plus they want your 30 bucks.
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    HBOGO,angry birds, netflix,words with friends,all the twitter/fb apps
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    Quote Originally Posted by Major Payne View Post
    I have made this topic hoping that HP and others will see it. Please List your MUST have apps to help the TouchPad Suceed.

    1. Logmein
    2. Teamviewer
    3. Document Editor (without web connection)
    4. VNC Support
    3 is a must and I'll be happy with any one of 1, 2 or 4. Although 1 or 4 would be my preference.
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    No love for AmazonVOD or Vudu?

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    Also, it would be pretty impressive if HP could get Google Talk on their Touchpad. That would show them as being able to “Use their size to get deals done.”

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    How about
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    let me add my favorites here.
    [to be written/published]
    - DOC/ODT- ans XLS/ODS-Editor
    [available today]
    - Scratchpad (works well in Emulator)
    - MyLists Pro (not tested in Emulator)
    - Inseeta Spreadsheet (works well in Emulator)
    - SortingThoughts (not tested in Emulator)
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    For me, I'll miss:
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    Good for Enterprise.

    It's what my organization (and, presumably, others) is using to allow employees to access their corporate email from a personal device, so I don't have to carry my own phone and a BlackBerry. The guys with iPads and Android tabs can use it, so this would be a noticeable weakness.
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    Olivetree Bible Reader
    Amazon MP3
    Astraware Sudoku
    Hong Kong Mahjong/World Series of Mahjong
    Alchemy/Doodle God
    a Feedreader like FeedR
    an app like ConvertPad
    Reel Deal Slots
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    Doc Editing
    Photoshop Express
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    I have one simple "Must Have App"- Purchasable apps in countries apart from the US, UK and Germany.

    I stay in India and get quite frustrated with the inability to purchase apps. If they want me to get invested in the WebOS ecosystem, they need to expand.

    When it was just Palm I would have accepted that they cannot afford expanding everywhere but with HP behind it and their existing setup all around the world, they need to leverage.

    The iPhone and iPad market is quite small in India (iPhone priced at $1000 officially) but Apple still provide support for it and their back end in India is about 1/100th that of HP's presence.

    That being said, I would really like a good media player like VLC or similar on the TouchPad. My usage on the iPad (and soon the TouchPad) is mainly video streaming/native play, web browsing and the occasional gaming and Office documentation. With the TouchPad I won't feel bad everytime I travel with only the iPad for lack of flash.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GrimReaper87 View Post
    The iPhone and iPad market is quite small in India (iPhone priced at $1000 officially)
    Seems a good opportunity for HPalm. I read iphone/ipad are very popular in other major Asian countries, China/Japan/SKorea ..., where they are sold at price similar to that in the states.
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    Input language support - for different languages such as asian characters, hebrew, etc.
    among all the other good suggestions.
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    My dream list:

    Skype (or compatible)
    BBC News (yup, that's two of us!)
    NPR (news and the ability to listen like on their URL)
    Doc editing (libre office style would be king)
    JeppView (support for Jeppesen Sanderson charts)

    As long as it has the first 3....well, to be honest, if it has skype(ish), I'll get it and be the early adopter...
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    If i were to buy a tablet i'd want (for starters lol):
    google finance
    yahoo finance
    ESPN Scorecenter
    ESPN fantasy
    Time Warner Cable
    LA Times
    Something similar to Garage Band (piano, guitar, drum modeling)
    Photoshop (or adequate photo editor)
    Some PDF reader

    but i'd like as many options as possible so that's just a start. because there will always be another app i want. Like when the march madness rolls around i'll want that app and would be sad if i didn't get it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rickwestland View Post
    Seems a good opportunity for HPalm. I read iphone/ipad are very popular in other major Asian countries, China/Japan/SKorea ..., where they are sold at price similar to that in the states.
    Hopefully since the CEO was spending a bit of time in India, they're going to promote it there beyond their employees.

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    hbo go
    offline document editing
    1 good music/video app that plays everything, I'm looking @ you vlc.
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