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    Issue not "automatically" corrected for me. For those of you that seem to have this issue fixed could you please check your 'Account' > 'Account Settings' > 'Account Security' > and see if 'Secure Browsing' (https) is ŚChecked or Unchecked..?
    (you can also view the full site on your phone to adjust settings)
    While secure browsing is checked for me the app version does not show pics and is totally buggy. Unchecked it works normal. I would rather use safe browsing with FB so I'm curious if others are having better luck within this scenario..
    Mine 'Secure Browsing' (https) is ŚChecked or Unchecked" has been UNCHECKED.
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    I can not even open facebook on my phone ! It just tries and tries and never opens !! What is the freakin deal !!
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