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    hi all, been using an iPhone3G for the past 1.5 years for my business and can't wait until I can get a hold of a new Pre3 & give the iPhone to my 6 year old LOL

    One app i really need on a daily basis for the Pre3 is one which will allow me to write notes with text along with pictures & the ability to sketch on the pictures. In list view, the notes should be aligned by date and title. Can anyone please tell me such an app exits for WebOS now ?
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    Well Evernote lets you take photos and type notes but you can't sketch on them

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    Our DigiNotes doesn't include pics but has a custom sort order. The sketching isn't available on WebOs yet.
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    thanks for the reply guys but that's what i was afraid of.
    I have contacted zymbiotic technologies, the developers of Mental Note ( and begged that they port such a great app to WebOS.

    If you, like me, need this type of functionality in a note app then please let them know you want something similar on WebOS !
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    I agree with you, I use Evernote on my Tablet PC and only wish I could make sketches on my Pre. Right now I'm just happy with Audio Notes being added to Evernote with WebOS 2.X

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