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    Would be great if I could add a small bluetooth device to my key, say like a key fob, and identify it as a device on my Pre, so that I could at least know my keys were in bluetooth range, perhaps use the phone to make the key fob flash a light and make a noise.

    Seems such a simple idea, but can't find anything like it out there for any system. The systems that do work are very bulky and require carrying both the key fob and the transmitter in the form of a bulky credit card device.

    Anybody seen anything like this - or want to create something.

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    To add such a device would make another fob about the size of what you had and it would consume batteries like candy. You would still be stuck with the credit card size device.

    Since the fob doesn't work on bluetooth then there isn't a way to make it flash.

    I've thought of making a keyless start system where all you would need is to carry around the transmitter itself.
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    There is such a device in the making, and there is new Bluetooth technology that allows your battery life to last over 2.5 years

    Have a look.
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    Key finder on face book

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