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    Download Add Pad For Free

    Get these special promotions while they last! We’re giving away 100 copies of Add Pad in each of the countries supported by the HP webOS App Catalog. Click one of the links below to get your copy. Promotion ends June 30, 2011.

    Dragongears — Download Add Pad For Free


    Add Pad is a note pad app that automatically adds up all the numbers on a page as you type and displays the total in the lower left corner of the screen. Add Pad’s freeform style means that you can mix words and numbers on a page and Add Pad will automatically find and add up all the numbers. Use it to keep track of game scores, calories, dollars, hours or anything else that can be added up. View and edit individual pages or a see a handy list of all pages with their totals.
    Author of Thought Bubble, Spin For It, Add Pad, Gamer's Dice and Your Biggest Fan
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    Got the app and left a review. Just wanted to say that this app is a great idea. I think of new uses for it all the time. Very creative. Thanks very much.

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