I recently had to reset my Palm Pre using webosdoctor, but did a backup with Pre Backup Utility that was downloaded when it was first available a long time ago. I am trying to reinstate my backup, and only just found out that the utility is no longer supported. I am in desperate need of help to retrieve backed up text messages.

Can someone help? Is this utility the wrong version that's not compatible with my backup files? Is there another a way of reinstating the backups?

I found "Palmbackup_Service.zip" that contains "com.tntservices.prebkuservice_0.2.0417_all.ipk" and "com.tntservices.prebackup_1.5.0430_all.ipk". I installed these onto my pre using webosquickinstall to get the utility running on pre again. But when i opened the application it tells me "Import failed" saying "...that the archive has an incorrectly formatted volume label or none at all..."

Appreciate any advise.