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    Hairy Legs is our first game for webOS. Hairy Legs is a port of our popular Hairy Legs game for Apple iOS devices. The game is intended to be fun and humorous. We believe it is a nice little time killer and we hope you enjoy it too.

    Being that we are new to the webOS community we hope we can gain and keep your support as we try to get involved in the webOS community.

    Hairy Legs will be updated regularly as we work on converting some other games over to webOS.

    Thank You,
    Hey There Software
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    Welcome...and thanks!
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    Here's a link to their website: Hey There Software

    The game is available in the App Catalog now for $1.50. Here's a description:

    "Hairy Legs is a fun and addicting game with a blast of humor. In Hairy Legs you tilt your device left and right to guide a razor down a never ending leg. Avoid multiple obstacles such as zits, scabs, cuts, and others. There are powerups along the way to help you shave including the Golden Razor. Chase away any flies for bonus points."

    Pre2/3/TouchPad, and TouchDroid user.
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    Thanks for posting that info WyreNut !! Being new I do not have enough posts yet that it will allow me to do it.

    Thanks Again
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    I support anyone looking to develop for webOS. It's too bad it's as overlooked as it is. Hopefully you're one of many that will be working on bringing some more apps to the community.

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