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    With silver prices rocketing up, and my birthday being tomorrow, and the new promo codes being set up, I thought it'd be neat to reverse party and give away 50 copies of my Junk Silver app starting tomorrow.

    Using Junk Silver, you can calculate silver values and amounts for US and Canadian coins that contain silver.

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    Edit: Oh, after using it, if you leave a review that would be awesome!
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    Oh, this is a US only promo BTW, but I will add countries by request through Sunday.
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    The app store didn't ask for a promo code, but HP's website showed that the promo code was still active.
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    are you on OS2?
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    No. I found the article about the promo codes which said it was just for 2.
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    I tried a few times clicking on link but it would not complete the process. I get an unexpected failure when it goes to app catalogue. Running a sprint pre+ 2.1

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