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    Hi all,

    i just want to give this new promo codes a try.
    The first 50 for each code will get the A1 Fit Interval Trainer App for free.

    Code for USA

    Code for Germany

    I would be thankful for some reviews in the app cataloge.
    Enjoy and get fit
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    "invalid unavailable or expired promo code"
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    OK. Sorry for that. I just checked and the new promo code feature on the HP dev site does not let me create a promotion code with a start day of today. It has to be tomorrow. So by tomorrow 04/30/2011 you can use the codes.

    Enjoy (tomorrow) *g
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    Sure. I have another app that I bought some time ago, the biggest problem with it seems to be that the "beep" that signals the end of some intervals sometimes doesn't play when music is also playing even though the beep is louder than the music. Have not had time to do much troubleshooting, will be happy to see if yours works better out of the box.
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    Booo.....just realized I can't get the Promo Code-friendly App Catalog for at least a few days...

    ....after the codes will be gone...<snif>

    In the meantime, I'll try the demo.
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    Okay, I have not USED it, just looked at it on my Pixi. And of course, I'm complaining about the screen space. Why is the banner there at the top of the screen identifying the program? It's already in the corner, and I already know I'm using it. Can it be removed? Can the screen be locked so it can't move up and down? I can't think of a reason for it.

    More thoughts, and a review when I play with it more...
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    Any chance of a code for the UK?

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