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    Lets gives these codes a try:

    Sorry currently this is only for 2.x devices (will be releasing a 1.x compatible version soon). The first 50 people will get this application for FREE using the following promo code. (Be gentle on the reviews and give me feedback if you have suggestions!)

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    I just tried it, when I use the code, it says the promotion has not started yet.
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    "This promotion has not started yet"
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    Sorry didn't realize It wouldn't let me have an effective date until tomorrow. Garrett92C,Smartfah try tomorrow and I will setup a special code for you if the 50 are gone before you get a chance sorry again!
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    tonyparisi, do you know what time (EST?) the promo code will be available for your app?
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    its not letting me buy. Is it requiring 2.1 rather than 2.0?
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    According to the admin site:
    Requires : webOS 2.0.0

    When you try and buy what is happening?

    Unfortunately it just has a date.
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    I type in my password, and the ok button remains gray.
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    "This promotion has not started yet. Please try again later"

    Later when?
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    yeah still no go
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    Exhibition Mode does require at least webOS 2.1. If you have it set for 2.0 right now, you'll want to up it 2.1!
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    where do yo put prom code? after yo hit buy or before?
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    I clearly did it wrong, because I just bought it and it never asked for the code. Argh.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    I clearly did it wrong, because I just bought it and it never asked for the code. Argh.
    You must not have updated the app catalog app (which is only on 2.1). After you enter your password, an enter promo button appears between purchase & cancel.

    I'm guessing you just purchased the app.

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    Woot! Just got it!
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    Promo code works now...
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    This promo code cannot be used in your country.

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    got it
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    Hmmm... I've got webOS 2.1 on my phone, but my App Catalog will only update to 2.0.223 so no prompt pops up for a code.
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    Code works, thank you.
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