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    My old Pre+ stopped charging via Touchstone and the pins in the USB port got bent so I got my first replacement phone. After activating and signing on with my old Palm profile four of the apps I paid for are not showing up in My Applications and I can't find them in the catalog.

    The apps are:
    Top 100 by Year
    WebUI for WebOS PRO
    Wifi Media Sync

    I can find WebUI for WebOS PRO and Wifi Media Sync in the catalog on the web here

    and here

    but the other two I can't locate.

    I understand that Digloo was abandoned by its developer after the Digg API change so I'm fine with that app being gone, but I still use WebUI for WebOS PRO and Wifi Media Sync. I would also like Top 100 by Year back, but I haven't used it in months so I'm not sure if it was still working. When I contacted Palm support, they said that Top 100 by Year, WebUI for WebOS PRO, and Digloo had all been suspended. Why would suspended apps still be showing in the catalog on the web?

    I'm guessing because Wifi Media Sync was updated to version 2.0 for WebOS 2, it will no longer install for us stuck on 1.4.5 which is upsetting because the older version of the app still works fine. Why can't palm have different versions install based on what OS you have?

    Before it broke I saved a backup of my old Pre+ using Pre Backup Utility, which I can't find in PreWare anymore. I also used Save/Restore to save my settings. That was in February so I'm only missing Angry Birds Rio and my progress in that.

    Can I use my backup from Pre Backup Utility to restore my missing catalog apps? Could I perhaps extract the apps from the backup and restore them somehow?
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    were you running 2.0 on your old device? I moved from 2.1 to 1.4.5 and it appears any changes I made on 2.0 did not back up nor did the apps. If I go to the app catalog I can download for free the apps I already purchased.
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    no, I'm not running 2.0 or 2.1 on any device

    Just the latest version from my carrier, Verizon Wireless, v1.4.5 on both devices.
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    I have been running 1.4.5 on my Sprint Pre since it was originally pushed out. I also lost these two apps when I got a replacement phone. It looks like the developer of WebUI for WebOS PRO updated the app for 2.0 and changed the name to TorrentTouch. It is in the app catalog as a 2.0 app so you can't get it on the Pre(-). It seems like devs/HP should continue to make older versions of paid apps available in the catalog for legacy device users. When a dev updates their app with 2.0 features, the earlier version of the app should stay in the catalog for 1.4.5 customers. This fragmentation stuff is maddening!
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    Yep, HP dropped the ball with multi-version support.

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