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    I cannot seem to find Ndrive in the app catalog on my Verizon Pre2. Is anyone else having this issue or is it simply not available to us yet?
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    its out. its freakin awesome too. just started playing with it.
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    You can find it by just searching for NDrive USA
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    For some reason it comes up with no applications found. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I even searched for it in the navigation category.
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    Unfortunately, it is for webOS 2.1 only, we Verizon Pre 2 users cannot buy it.
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    Wow.......Verizon needs to release this update already.
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    just use the 2.1 process for legacy devices. That will get your VZW 2.0.1 device up to 2.1
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    I don't think anyone has successfully done that with a Verizon pre2. Did you get it to work?
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    The program doesn't work on VZW Pre2's, even once you install the 2.1 update. I've tried it on 2 different VZW Pre2's, and it doesn't work on either. The 2cd one was a brand spankin' new & freshly doctored Pre2 (to 2.1) without any patches or anything homebrew installed, and it simply didn't work. I've contacted NDrive support on this a few times, and all they will say is they're looking into it & have closed my trouble ticket even though there's been no attempt to solve it.

    Not only does this program not work, NDrive won't issue a refund. I've asked a few times now and they don't even respond to my emails.

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