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    I've noticed over the last several days that when viewing items in either the newsfeed or status updates, I scroll down to the bottom, hit next, it loads the next batch of content but after that there is no more "next" button at the bottom of that list. I've tried removing and reinstalling the Facebook app and I'm still having the same problem.

    Anyone else seeing this? And any ideas how to fix it?

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    I've seen this lately on the full Facebook site. The problem might not be with the Facebook app...
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    I had BRUTAL problems with Facebook over the last few weeks. (Save the heckling ) I tossed IE9 and got the new Mozilla and it's like a brand new Facebook, for me. I couldn't add photos, edit things, read messages, etc, etc and the new browser fixed it (or so it would have me believe )

    I realize that wasn't really a Pre case, but I thought there may have been an issue with facebook itself.
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