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    I downloaded Carbon from the App Catalog recently and LOVE it...but I am having an issue when it comes to uploading photos to Twitpic. I thought when I uploaded a photo to post on Twitpic, the tweet accompanying it would be used as a caption. However, when I look at the Twitpic page, the caption is not there. I've uploaded a couple of photos with Carbon and have not had any success in making sure the tweets show up as captions (nor can I figure out how to add them on the Twitpic page via the web browser on my laptop or Sprint Pre). I had this problem with Bad Kitty, as well, but a couple of the tweets did show up as captions on Twitpic with that app, so I get the feeling it's something I'm doing wrong. Can anyone tell me what I might not be doing right?
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    The app uploads the picture before sending your tweet, so your captions will never appear unless the developer decides to alter the behavior to upload after sending a tweet.

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