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    Which one of these two Twitter clients reigns supreme? Which one do you prefer and Why?
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    carbon has the buzz. I like BK because of the way it shows me conversation threads. Both are excellent.

    lately I've been using SPAZ more than any of the others.
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    I have tried every single webOS twitter app, and IMHO, Carbon wins hands down. Did NOT like BK's UI at all. Carbon shows me conversations in threads as well, and just has too many features that are so well tied together that I haven't used another twitter app since I first downloaded the Carbon beta.

    YMMV, but I don't really see a battle here.
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    Bad kitty, because it shows numbers of new mentions or direct messages. Very handy
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    I am currently using Carbon, but I had to mod it a bit, otherwise, I'd still be using Bad Kitty. Once Bad Kitty fixes the Instapaper issue, I'll probably go back to using it. Or if phnx gets going again, I'll go to phnx. Carbon has a lot of features, but the button placement, gesture behavior, and power scroll annoy the hell out of me. I modded the first two and added client to the timeline, just looking for a good place to map the power scroll function, too. Actually, I might try to map it to that trends/list button. Hmm.
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    spaz does it with a two-finger swipe. I like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cantaffordit View Post
    spaz does it with a two-finger swipe. I like that.
    That's what power scroll is. I hate it.
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    although it's showing its age, I still use badkitty as my go to client.

    there's been hopeful talk of new work being done on the app in the future, presumably to be iterated for enyo though no concrete word as of yet.

    carbon does have its charms however.
    did you enjoy the carbon beta? Then you'll probably enjoy the full version as well.

    comes down to personal preference for each app's ui metaphors really.
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    I'm new to WebOS and just bought Carbon. I'm a sucker for a nice UI.
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    The new Carbon (not the Beta) is definitely the best but I use two. Spaz is free and it beats anything besides Carbon. I open them both and use Carbon. It cross-posts a tweet to any other account. The one thing it doesn't do is to shorten the text. I copy it to Spaz to shorten it and copy it back to Carbon. I also use Spaz to check my posts after posting them in Carbon. The one other thing I dislike about Carbon is that it gets new posts automatically when you open it. I don't want new posts until I've finished the old ones.
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    Carbon does the two-finger swipe, too. I also hate it. I have to go find where I was before the mishap.
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    I dislike Bad Kitty for the name and icon. Shame, it's a nice app too.

    Carbon is very nice also. Everything aside I prefer it.
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    the "read it later" function of carbon is sweet.
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    Bad Kitty has one too, you do it with a meta-tap on a link. Of course, since meta-tap is broken on 2.1, it doesn't work anymore. Although with Bad Kitty, it's done through Spare Time and Relego, while Carbon does it through authentication.
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    I had previously chosen Carbon as the best app with Spaz as the secondary but now have accepted Bad Kitty as superior still with Spaz as its companion. The reason I have dumped Carbon is that three times it forgot all my accounts and I cannot deal with having to reset them. It's a big hassle. If you don't have this problem with it, Carbon is still the best.
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    carbon is the best but does anyone have a clue why carbon (beta) doesn't work on 3G but does on wifi?

    'connection error'

    I've been using this app for quit a while now and it's a really frustrating problem to have right now..
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    I haven't even tried out Carbon. I bought Bad Kitty to test if I could buy apps properly (I could). It's been really nice. I liked Spaz better but I feel obligated to continue using Bad Kitty since I paid for it and whatnot.

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