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    Anyone else getting Newsroom - Content unavailable try again later error messages?

    Been using Newsroom everyday for the last year and now this what I'm getting? Curious if it is a Pre specific problem or Newsroom failure. Thanks, Sorli...
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    Same here. Forums isn't displaying the list. Wonder if this has something to do with Amazon's Northern Virginia EC2 site crash this morning.

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    Dan Donovan
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    all my presets are gone.
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    Have not heard much about the Amazon Northern EC2 site crash and who knows, but at least now I know it is not my Pre- running 2.1. Thanks for the insight and hopefully it gets fixed soon. Sorli...
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    NewsRoom: Service Restored - Blog post and update

    Either way, Amazon was it and thanks for the input. Sorli...
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    Newsroom isn't working again, at least for me. It's been down for at least 10 days. Anybody else having problems?
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    Mine is working. Updated this afternoon and seems to be fine. Was doing that weird fullscreen icon thing last week, but that has also been gone for a while. Sorli...

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