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    New Pre 3 owner, and new IAmA Reddit user. Bloody great work.
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    I love some of the new look and additions with this new version, but it feels beta or unfinished compared to the last version. It seems like it was coded for the Pre3 resolution because the fonts seem bigger than the last version. The metallic texture that lies under posts/thread for the dark theme is gone too. I also see no point in having the title saying comments or frontpage [isn't capitialized either], it doesn't look fluid. The spacing between titles/posts overlap in places too.

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    Yeah.. font size has changed. I might end up making it a setting in preferences. I prefer smaller fonts but I've had feedback before saying it was too small. I've tried to reduce the amount of area covered by view menus/command menus, hence the page headers. Thinking of styling them differently though, possibly with the subreddit image on top, but small. The shadows under comments/articles were removed mainly because it slows scrolling down noticeably on the Pre 3. The Veer seems much smoother in general in most apps.

    Also wondering whether a built in onscreen keyboard might be fun to try. That and an exhibition mode similar to flipboard.
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    Sorry for bumping this old thread (I seem to be doing that a lot lately), but when receiving a notification and trying to click on it nothing happens. Is this normal?
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