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    Socom 4: US Navy Seals developed by Zipper exclusively for the Playstation 3 has been released today as well as Socom 4 Gamer Guide for WebOS on the App Catalog. This is a great gamer companion that every Socom 4 Gamer needs on the battlefield.

    Here is update 0.7 which will be submitted to the app catalog today:

    I will be adding more features soon, so feel free to contact me.

    Have a great day of gaming!
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    Version 0.70 is out!

    Now with:
    * Weapons
    * Game Modes
    * XP Points
    * Medals
    * Trophies

    and a cleaner help menu.

    Working on version 0.7.5 for better transition to weapons detail info.

    Future updates will include:
    * Maps
    * Clans
    ... and more!

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