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    My update 2.1 works great. I can buy new apps and can see all available apps. What I am missing is Brain Challenge. It id not install and I can not find it in the app store or Preware for 2.1. Can anyone suggest where I can get this app? DemConvert Pro, Profiles, and Market Simplified did not reinstall either.
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    If you can find the last 3 apps you mentioned in the catalog, you should be able to redownload for free. As for Brain Challenge, try contacting the developer and see if you can't work something out. You may need to contact Palm for proof of purchase, unless you still have your confirmation email from when you bought it originally.
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    thanks for the reply. They are not showing up in 2.1's catalog.
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    Then they probably haven't been updated for 2.1...
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    FWIW, I had the same issue when I upgraded my sprint pre minus from 1.4.5 to 2.1.0. Specifically with Brain Challenge. I contacted palm, who told me to contact gameloft. Gameloft said it was pulled from our app cat and offered me an android or iphone app. That was of no use to me, as I have neither. They told me to call palm back.

    On calling palm, they confirmed that it was no longer in the app cat, but wanted me to do a full erase (eventhough the app no longer exists in the app cat), they said that it would fix the problem. I had just doctor'd to 2.1.0 - no way I was going to mess around. Went back and forth with tech support at palm, asking "why do I need to do a full erase when the app no longer exists?" To be honest, it seemed like I knew a bit more about the phone than they did!

    Then, they asked what OS I was on. I DID tell them, and they said that webos 2.1.0 was not supported on my device and that they could not help me.

    Just my experience with them...

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