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    Are there any news about DLNA/UPNP streaming/controller apps to let the webos device play dlna-streams directly (Mobile Digital Media Player (M-DMP)) or find them in your network and "beam" them to another playing device (wifi-radio, tv...) acting as remote control (Mobile Digital Media Controller (M-DMC)).

    I'm talking about standard upnp compliant apps like twonky mobile, i know that there are propritary ones like Kalem or Squeeze Control.
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    This would be great! I have a synology 411+ Nas and it would be nice to have an app to use to stream my music, photos and videos. They already have apps released for Android and iOS. Maybe someone can port those over.... =)
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    I have a QNAP too and also a PVR that shares over uPnP. I would pay serious money for uPnP compliant media player so I don't have to keep breaking out a laptop.
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    WebOS Anytime Soon

    by davemex on Mon Jan 11, 2010 2:44 pm
    I'm glad to see Twonky's developers creating mobile applications now. While I understand that Android was probably a priority due to the larger number of devices, I'd also like to know if there are any plans to develop a similar application for WebOS devices. As a Palm Pre user and a Twonky user it would be awesome to not have to run one server app for my home media needs and another one for my cell phone (which I use to listen to music in my car and at work).

    WebOS is a growing platform with phones being released to both Verizon and AT&T over the next couple months so I'm sure it would be a beneficial platform to develop for. I'd be the first person to sign up for the app!

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    Re: WebOS Anytime Soon

    by TMM_Product_Manager on Tue Jan 12, 2010 12:50 am
    Although I don't think this is on our roadmap yet, it's likely this could be added in the future.

    - Rick

    Twonky Com, 2011 May-16 07:45 (PDT):

    Customer Name:
    Hallo there,

    do you plan to relase a HP webOS version of twonky mobile. The soon to be relased HP TouchBook with internal stereo speakers and Beats Audio™ would be a great device have media streamed on and the HP Veer amd Pre3 are great devices to manage media on: Palm USA | Mobile Products for Consumers, Professionals, and Businesses


    Kiran, 2011 May-17 04:20 (PDT):


    So far there is no update available regarding this. Whenever any information regarding the new release would be available we will readily post it on Twonky forums.

    The Twonky Team
    So sadly nothing new.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gizmo21 View Post
    So sadly nothing new.
    Yes it is certainly a shame, but not a big surprise. Actually, I just read that the Pre3 was supposed to support DLNA out of the box. Not sure what DLNA version and what exactly it will be capable of doing, but it would be handy for those of us with DLNA storage like my ZyXEL NSA221 and other interfaces. Please let us know if you hear any other news and thanks! Sorli...
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    I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure you can't develop an app to enable these service, unless the hardware is there. and if Irc reading the tech specs on all hapalms devices, even tp, no dlna specifications/logo appeared anywhere. dlna would be nice thoug since there currently is no hdmi out. that was on my spec sheet for the old mock upcontest b4 pre2.

    yar no dlna.

    thats from evo3d, wouldn't let me link the fact sheet page.

    Output HD content to a compatible TV using HDMI or DLNA

    but yeah would be nice op =(
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    I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure you can't develop an app to enable these service, unless the hardware is there.
    is that really true? Is every android phone DLNA compatible? Twonky mobile is only an app to control two DLNA compatible devices (NAS <-> TV/Radio/Reciever/StreamingBoxes). So perhaps if your device has a HDMI output needs to be DLNA certified, but is every iphone DNLA certified?

    Most interesting of all will be its capability as a Mobile Digital Media Controller (M-DMC).This will enable you to use your phone to control digital content from one DLNA Certified device to another.
    Twonky Mobile lets your Android or iPhone become the ultimate remote control. Beam media to devices around your home. View the Android or iPhone page to find out more about each version.
    But iphone and many other Androidphones do not seem to be an certified DLNA clients: Product Search - DLNA

    What are the system requirements for TwonkyServer Mobile?

    - Android 1.5 or later OS
    - 320 x 480 (or higher) resolution display
    - Requires 10MB available disk space
    - Requires access to a Wi-Fi network
    - Requires one or more UPnP or DLNA-certified media players connected to your network
    - Requires music, photo or video files on the phone
    - May not work on some unlocked phones without data plans.
    It's seems you don't need an DLNA Androidphone, just a "UPnP or DLNA-certified media players".

    So i think an implementation as "Mobile Digital Media Controller (M-DMC)" aka Remote control could at least be made possible with webOS.
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    Here is another DLNA-app for android phones: Skifta™ | Support
    Nowhere mentioned that you need a DLNA certified android phone - just android 2.2.

    And here is another one: AndroMote - An Android UPnP Remote Control
    AndroMote is an application for the Android mobile. It can be downloaded from the Market. It searches your WiFi network for Media Servers and Media Renderers that understand the UPnP(tm) protocol. It was tested with several servers and players, but please let me know if any hardware work or does not work. If you like it, there will be many new features in the future.
    And if i watch this list, i'm about to jump ship: DLNA - Search Android Apps on AppBrain
    Only O-N-E on webOS would be enough.

    Is there no app developer that's wants to make some money?
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    I would love DLNA as well, I have all of my media on a MyBook World Edition which has a twonky server built in, it would be great to access it on my Pre Plus, or in the future on a Pre 3 or TouchPad!
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    DLNA and uPnP would rock...especially now that I have my ZyXEL NSA221 (NAS) up and running. Hmm...the NSA221 services as a iTunes Server...wonder if I can access its data via that interface? Need to test the web server and interface ZyXEL provides adn see what is possible through my webOS. Sorli...

    BTW, for those that are interested in the ZyXEL can be slow transferring large amounts of data, but works great after the major haul is complete.
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    So well the Touchpad is on the way now to the stores and still no sight of an uPNP/DLNA app.
    I found it very nice when i saw a friend of mine was beaming his music from an upnp enabled NAS to his dlna AV Reviever on his stereo, controlling all his playlist via the iPAD.

    Isn't this another great usecase for the Audio feature blasted (HP Beats Audio, HP Play, Music Synergy, Melodeo / nuTsie streaming) HP Touchpad? Anyone from HP here?
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    really missing a way to control my Roku sondbridge or steram from my UPNP/DLNA Synology server.
    WDT could also be controlled via UPNP

    all good things misssing
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    If we've got a homebrew developer that is interested, there is a DLNA server that works very well called serviio. It only needs the ffmpeg library and java to do it's magic.

    Serviio DLNA media server
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    Quote Originally Posted by h2o826 View Post
    I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure you can't develop an app to enable these service, unless the hardware is there.
    No, that's incorrect. uPnP/DLNA is purely a software protocol.
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    There is a group that just released their BHome uPNP/DLNA app for the Touchpad and their website is: which I tried unsuccessfully to use. I emailed him and he mentioned a problem with webOS 3.0:

    Unfortunately there is a bug in the final version of webOS 3.0 which
    prevents that BHome is working correctly. (It's the discover process
    which is not working ;-( ) We're trying to make an update of the app which allows you to enter the IP. However the IP is in most case not enough. But we have some ideas
    how solve the problem. As soon as we are ready we'll inform you.
    Looks very basic app wise, but I don't really care as long as I can access my audio and video content on my NAS via DLNA or uPNP. Sorli...
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    I've been making a UPnP player for the touchpad.

    UPnP AV Player for HP Touchpad : Norvinet

    It is pretty basic at the moment, but will also be a controller in the future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by itsthetaste View Post
    I've been making a UPnP player for the touchpad.

    UPnP AV Player for HP Touchpad : Norvinet

    It is pretty basic at the moment, but will also be a controller in the future.
    Any update on your Norvinet UPNP Player for the TouchPad? I've been testing BHome Pro for a while now and they are still having problems with Bluetooth audio playback from their interface, which I miss greatly and is much more convenient then plugging in a audio jack.

    Looking forward to some news and let me know if you need any help testing. Sorli...
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    Will it allow to play Divx/mkv files from DLNA server, if you have Kalemsoft installaed?
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    Right, so now there are uPnP players for the touchpad but still nothing for the phones.

    Is anyone planning one for the Pre3? I have no intention of getting any tablet but I would love to use uPnP on my Pre3 (or even my Pre- if it must be but I would prefer it on the Pre3).
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