So long story short I installed the new facebook app and once it synced I deleted it. Now I can't get rid of all the useless profiles It created, keeps saying "Facebook profiles cannot be deleted" Is there anyway around this? I use my phone for business and have had so many multiple entries I can't even find people. I love my Pre and have had zero issues, but honestly I flat out snapped.

I.e "Joe" well joe is a good friend so I have his cell phone, home, and personal email in contacts under "Joe". Well now I have "Joe" "Joe Smith" and "Joe Smith Inc" added. Each with useless information and when doing a universal search I now have to scroll almost all the time. If I link them together and set original as default it will still display the extra info and worse keep the facebook profile pic. I don't need a bunch of random baby pictures in my contact list under peoples married names etc.