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    I have a pixi plus on at&t but its unlocked and i am using it in canada on rogers network and i would like to know if there is an app to track data usage. Thanks in Advanced
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    I second this.
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    Netstat.. In preware

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    Thanks downloaded looks like its working great
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    Ta! Over-usage can be a real
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    Netstat has an option to limit your own data usage when you reach a certain amount of data used. I've never used it, but it might help you catch yourself before you over-use data on your plan.
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    Is there any other apps because this one is inaccurate. It says i have used 100mb of data and when i go on the rogers website it says 34mb used.
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    Wow. I just assumed Netstat was accurate. I have been using it for several months. I just checked my mb usage according to Verizon vs. Netstat. Netstat is off by approximately 25%. At least Netstat is over estimating my usage. I can still utilize it to prevent overages safely.
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    Ya i know can someone make an accurate one?
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    How do we know Netstat isn't accurate? One problem is that it is not simple to know what time/day the reset should occur on. Verizon seems to lag reporting data use from what I have seen on other threads. I also wonder if mobile hotspot traffic might be incorrectly attributed as "data" when it is really a separate bucket.
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    It's hard to say how inaccurate it is. When I text to TCARE on Bell Mobility, it tells me I've used a total of 11.0074MB. Netstat says 180MB. I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere that Bell's data tracking has an error in it, although I can't find it. Based on my personal usage, I definitely believe Netstat over TCARE, but happy that I'm not being billed for Netstat's reporting
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    So are you saying that netstat is more accurate then rogers or bells data tracking?
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    I'm saying I know how much I use my phone and I do not believe I've only used 11MB in 10 days. I can't say for sure for Roger's, but I'm pretty sure I read somewhere on this site, that there was a known error with Bell. I would try contacting the developer and ask them about how accurate it is. I recall emailing them about a year ago, and they got back to me fairly quickly. If you find anything out, let us know

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    Does NetStat track WiFi data as well as cell network data? When you're connected to WiFi, you're still getting data, but not from your carrier. That could be why the discrepancies? One way to test would be to turn off WiFi for a few days (starting from 0 of course) and then see if the numbers match up.
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    as of 12 hrs ago, verizon says that I've used 110mb while netstat says 244mb. I don't find that to be too far off.
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    It is so far off its unbeliavible, I would rather not use anything i would rather check rogers every week.
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    I just checked my data again (Verizon vs. Netstat). They are still approximately 25% off. I am several days into my data cycle. Even a days lag time wouldn't make up this much of a deficit.

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