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    WikiXplorer allows to browse, download and share articles from Wikipedia and Wiktionay (english, spanish, german, french). No data connexion during your trip ? Download your favorite contents for offline reading! Share with your friends what’s your reading now with I.M, email, facebook app and your favorite twitter client (most twitter clients supported read below). Type a few letters and let predictive search query suggestions work !

    Video tour :

    Available in the app catalog here :

    Features :

    * Universal Search
    * Full Screen Mode for reading
    * Landscape View (with larger font size | easier to read)
    * Cross Fading transtition between articles
    * Instant Swipe Back for a faster browsing experience
    * Save articles to bookmarks
    * Page Top & bottom shortcuts
    * Direct links to Features Content, Current Events, Random Article, …
    * Portal filter search

    Download :

    * Download all data for OFFLINE READING. All articles can now be saved in PDF format.

    Share :

    * Online Bookmarks & Read it later support : Relego, Spare time.
    * Facebook and Facebook beta support
    * Twitter Clients support : Spaz, Twee, Bad kitty, Yak, Tweed, TweetMe
    * Customize Statuses + short URL maker
    * I.M or Email support
    * Copy URL to clipboard


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    Looks nice. Keep the great apps coming!
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    thanks !
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    on my Veer, Wikixplorer is not integrating into the just type search even tough is claims to do. Is there anything I can do?
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    It should work fine on the veer... I don't have the device to test this. Can you tell me more about your problem ?

    Does the app displays in the just type panel ?

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    No, it doesn't show up there.

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