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    Hello Everyone,

    I have been a BlackBerry user for the past 5 years. I just picked up a Sprint Palm Pixi and would like to get your recommendaitons for the following:

    -Music Streaming
    -News (Technology, Financial, US/Global Headlines)
    -Document Viewing (Word, PDF, Excel, PowerPoint)
    -Games (Sims, Strategy, Destruction)
    -Background Randomizer (I'd perfer if I can use pictures of my family)
    -MP3 to Ringtone
    -System Configuration (I read a little about Preware)

    I have no problem paying for an app. So, please don't factor in the free part in your recommendations.

    Thank you,
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    You should be able to get several good suggestions from that post. I know I have. Hit the thumbs up thanks button if I helped you in the lower right corner of my post.
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    weather channel app
    Pandora for music
    drPodder for podcasts
    iTunes Search for ringtones
    the default doc reader app is your only choice for reader.

    and Preware contains all the advanced config stuff you could ever want.

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