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    WebOS 1.4.5

    You know how you can type the first few letters of your favorite apps, and the launcher quickly finds the application you're looking for? Example: type "m a", and launcher suggests "Google Maps".

    Is it possible to add my own tags to an application? I've got a few applications whose name I just keep forgetting (zcorder and ClassicNote) that I really want to call by typing "record" or "memo".

    Any suggestions are most welcome!
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    Those keywords are set in the app.json for each app. You can't modify them but the developer can.

    Email them maybe and ask?
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    Actually you can edit them. Battleships now comes up if I just type "internet"

    Basically, you need to download Internalz Pro from Preware if you haven't already.

    Use it to navigate to /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications and from there it's up to you to find the particular app's folder. Usually they begin with the developer name.

    After you find the app's folder you're looking for scroll down and find the app.json file. You'll need to add a line of code like this:

    "keywords" : [ "Browser", "Blazer", "Internet" ],
    So that the entire thing looks something like this:

    	"id": "com.xxxxxxx.xxxxxxx",
    	"version": "x.x.x",
    	"vendor": "xxxxxxxx",
    	"type": "web",
    	"main": "index.html",
    	"title": "xxxxxxxx",
            "keywords" : [ "Browser", "Blazer", "Internet" ],
    	"icon": "xxxxxxx.png"
    Then do a luna restart and you should be good to go.

    Remember with code that spacing and punctuation and all that jazz is very important.

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