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    This is the official Supersonic Thread. Post your feedback and crash reports here.

    Supersonic is an adrenaline-charged 3D tunnel ride game for Palm Pre and Pre 2.
    The players blaze through four levels at ever faster speeds, accompanied by electronic beats from Finnish artist collective Kitkaliitto.
    The ultimate challenge comes in the 30-second Blitz mode with speed boosts, time extends and other special collectibles.

    - High speed 3D tunnel ride game
    - Levels designed to the rhythm of electronic music by Kitkaliitto (The Embassy of Kitkaliitto)
    - Four auto-accelerating classic levels with walls and score bonuses
    - Blazing 30-second Blitz mode with speed boosts, time extends and other special collectibles
    - Earn game credits to purchase power-ups for Blitz mode
    - Cutting edge riders can compete for a place on the weekly Top 50 list

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    so it doesn't support any custom kernals, i.e. Uberkernal? I know from experience sr71 is buggy & can understand that but at 500 stock, ugh. Just lost all my bonus blitz points w/crash on beta this mornng. Really love game and planing to puchase today. Queston first, does beta need to be removed first? What happens to any bonus points?
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    We don't support custom kernels, but you can use them if you want. We can't be sure, that supersonic wont crash on custom kernels. So if you're running on custom kernel and the game crashes there's very little we can do.

    You don't have to remove the beta, but the beta will end later this week (when the supersonic FREE is available) and it won't work after that.

    If and when you have purchased and installed Supersonic you will get 50.000 Supersonic credits (bonus points).

    btw, we just submitted Supersonic 1.0.1 for review and in 1.0.1 you will get more credits when you play Blitz mode.
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    Ok thanks for quick response. I take it free vesion will have less features?
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    Supersonic FREE has only the first two classic mode levels.
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    I've been running the Beta on the UK with 800/500 Screenstate without any issues Just bought the game and gave it five stars Keep it up!

    BTW, I noticed that the description is in English in the German App catalog. If you need someone to translate it into German feel free to hit me up
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    Made my day when I saw this in the app catalog. More than happy to purchase it. Great work!
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    yeah i was using f105 and f104 on the beta and both ran fine. i dont think the overclock kernels will be a problem. should help it run smoother i would think.
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    FischOderAal : Thanx for the five stars and the translation offer.
    neo999 : Thanx!
    graffix31: good to know.
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    I love this game, played it in beta and bought it as soon as I saw it in the app catalog. But when it crashes, it crashes hard. I don't know how long I had been playing (kinda lost track of time) but both times I was just about to start a new game. Just after launch everything stops. I tried holding the power button, no response. I pressed orange-sym-r, nothing. I had to plug the battery and power cord to shut it off. Anybody else had it lock up on you?

    BTW: when it locks up like lose all your game settings!
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    brockota : Thanx for the crash report, I'll look into it. Can you tell me your device specs? ( pre,pre+ or pre2, webos version, custom kernels etc...)
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    I've got the original Sprint Pre running 1.4.5. No custom kernels. If it helps, the only things I've done that aren't through the app catalog are preware, freetether, and a patch that allows the battery to show as a percent.
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    brockota: Thanx for the info.
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    my favorite game on webos
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    Playing Supersonic on an HP Veer. The response time when changing directions is pretty bad. I loved this game on my Pre(-). Please take a look at this, thanks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by diffa View Post
    Are there any plans of releasing this great game for the Pre3? I bought it on my pre plus and really loved it...

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