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    I wish I knew something about coding. I even went so far as to register as a dev and download the SDK and Ares but found that I just didn't have the required background knowledge.

    Here's what I have been dreaming of:

    Weather Dashboard shows the current weather conditions in a notification, and scrolling through shows the next two days' forecasts. I would love to see a "News Dashboard" that would allow headlines from a chosen RSS feed to be shown as notifications in the same manner. This way, you could see recently updated headlines throughout the day, simply by tapping through the notifications. Very simple (I think), but I haven't a clue how to do it.
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    Yes!! I JUST got this idea this afternoon while thinking about the perfect Google Reader app. Honestly, the best one wouldn't even have a card stage - just the notification. Triage (not quite like 3.0) through feeds via button, tap to open the blog post source. Seamless offline integration, just in case. The only card scene would be a preferences card, like weather dashboard (great app BTW, use it constantly).

    Perhaps the app would first load a card to determine what feeds to load into the dashboard scene? I wouldn't want my Memebase feeds in there, for example, because they're all picture based. I can't see more than just the blog post title in the dashboard, much less the content and source feed.

    I'm a brand-spankin' new developer so I really have NO idea how to integrate a gReader API into an app. When I graduate college in May, if this is an idea that has not been capitalized on, I'll begin to tackle it.

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    Rhythm does most of what you ask. It's rss news in the dashboard. It auto cycles the news. I forget if you can tap to go to the next topic.

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