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    Hey, all - there's some chance that this hasn't been communicated super-clearly, so I just wanted to drop people a line about Card Ace: Casino. We recently released a new update for it that completely restructures the Gift interface, adds some cool new stuff (including the ability to buy your friends chips & "powerups" that crank up their ability to get & give likes).

    Casino *is* the new version of:

    * Word Ace
    * Card Ace: Hold 'Em
    * Card Ace: Blackjack

    It adds a ton of new stuff to those games, and your profile should carry over automatically. So once you have Casino, you can delete Word Ace & the Card Ace games. We added a new "social browser" - instead of just picking a game & a blind size, you can pick *who* you want to play with. Your Friends will also automatically appear in the grid if they're online.

    Anyway - I know the games have been out a long while, but I just wanted to hop online & let people know that we're still actively supporting them (Casino will run AWESOMELY on the Veer!), and in case it wasn't clear that Casino was the next step in Word Ace/Card Ace, hopefully everyone will be able to grab the new version of Card Ace: Casino & check out all the new stuff.

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    its one of my favorite games!
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    great game, got it for all my devices
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    Big fan. Props to you guys.

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