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    Twitihition is a passive Twitter client and a whole new way to display tweets in a new way right on your desk!

    - Exhibition mode on webOS 2.1 and above!
    - multiple user accounts
    - custom searches
    - different themes with location enabled auto daylight switching
    - simply & intuitive interface
    - easy re-tweet and favorite tweets
    - highly customizable

    Twithibition is a passive Twitter client. Not a full-featured one. It is designed to do just one thing - display your tweets.
    The tweets are displayed and automatically push from the right as they arrive.

    Just start Twithibition on your device leave it on your desk and it will magically do its work. Twithibition works best while on a TouchStone, but also works without it right on your desk.

    On older webOS devices (before 2.1) that have no Exhibition mode, there is also a "no-sleep" mode where the display will always be on. In this mode make sure that your device has enough battery left or is plugged in.


    If you have question, need support or have feedback, feel free to ask here or contact as via Twitter @codingbees!
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    i love this app but a couple of things i would like to see fixed. one is that if you are going to make it change from your feed to a search when you select a @person in exhibition mode can there be or is there a way to take it off without having to get out of exhibition mode, go to the app, go to preferences and chance it back to your feed. also even when you do that you need to go back into exhibition mode change to a different app and then back to twithibition for the change to occur. a lot of stepss for something that might have been an accident.
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    also can you make it so the app uses the software manager? i am using Universe browser as my default and when i click on a link the normal web browser opens. i spoke to the universe dev and he said that is the problem as some apps work properly and some dont. only way to get the default app to work is to use the software manager.
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    Am I the only person who's struggled to make this work correctly? I get all sorts of random problems and have gone from using meta 2.1 Pre Plus to a Pre2 running 2.1 and I still have the same issues. It'll run fine for a little while but after several hours of use, things start breaking. I get random error popups about I don't have an Internet connection and I do. It'll stay frozen on a given tweet with an endless refresh circle up on top right thats not even spinning, like it's trying to refresh but is doing nothing. Sometimes, it'll even lock up during its transition to another tweet and be stuck with half a page on each side of my phone. I love the app when it works but am really struggling to even get 1 day's use out of it without having to completely turn it off and back on to fix it again in Exhibition mode preferences. Please give me any tips I can try to get around some of these annoying issues.
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    I would love to see this app on the Touchpad. I'll even pay for it.
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    Me too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vistaus View Post
    I would love to see this app on the Touchpad. I'll even pay for it.

    Thanks to hear that!

    The thing with Twithibition is that it uses phone optimized graphics that can't be scaled easily to the Touchpad screen size. As the TP was released I tried to contact the designer but didn't got a response and so I stopped thinking about a port/update to the tablet screen.

    Since Twitter did some dumb moves with their API recently (I think you've heard about it) I stopped developing all my Twitter apps (yep I had a full client in development)

    So sad to say that, but there won't be a tablet optimized version any time soon, at least not with the nice graphics and all the little details (moving clouds, day/night theme) the phone version has.
    Maybe, I will give a simple white-text-black-background a go if enough users would like to use it that way.

    What do you think? If you spread the word and enough users would like to see a version I would plan a maybe(!!) release. (Depends on how good it scales and looks on the TP)
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    Hummm... there is some chance to make something like that, but using Google Plus?

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    "If A Man Isn't Willing To Take Some Risk For His Opinions, Either His Opinions Are No Good Or He's No Good!" - Ezra Pound (Poet & Critic)
    (Happy A Lot, As A Good Carioca!)
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    I'm in for white-text & black-backgound : )
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    I'm also in for that idea! The phone version optimized for tablet would be the nicest to have but even white-text & black-background I would buy without hesitation.

    Also, there are not even 10000 Touchpad users left so the API changes should be no problem.
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