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    no official photo posting and register api, just a trying
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    nobody needs?T_T
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    yes.. nice.. emailed attachment to myself.. will check it out in the morning.. thanks!
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    looks like it has some potential. Have you got plans to make it a full features instagram client eventually?
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    Hey i like the app, planing on use the filters ? and maybe the use of uploading?
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    Can't wait for a full featured client!
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    I like the idea.
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    Got it.Thank
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    very good idea!!!
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    Does this work on the Palm Pixi? And how do I get it on there?
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    tiny but beautiful app. thanx!
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    any news on when this will have upload features or even filters?
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    This is WONDERFUL!! Thanks so much! The app is beautiful!
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    Wonder if it works for Veer ? And do you plan on a TP version ? Thanks
    Proud Veer and Touchpad owner
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    I'm using it on a veer--it is in the app catalog.

    You can only view, not upload or comment--or even see the comments. But honestly I'm just really thrilled that I can view instagram pics on my phone without having to use a web page. It is really lovely.
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    Thanks, I made it to work

    Nice app with original UI. Hope it comes to TP too
    Proud Veer and Touchpad owner
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    Any news about an Instagram complete app on webOS?
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    how do i make an account for instagrio using my palm pixi?
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    you can't nh0llister, you have to own an ios device to get an instagram acct. So this is useless unless you own both ios and webOS. Or maybe use a friends acct.
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    I installed the app on my palm pixi plus this good, I can access my photos stored on my profile Instagram, but .. I can take a photo, add effects and share it? or not yet

    Sorry my google english

    nice app
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