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    Many thanks to the PreCentral users who participated in my private beta for TapNote!

    I am now very excited to announce that TapNote 1.2 is available in the App Catalog. This update adds the ability to sync your notes with Dropbox, which if you are not yet aware is an amazing (and free!) service that makes it effortless to transfer files between computers.

    This means that you can edit and view your documents on your computer (or just about any other mobile device) within seconds of saving them on your WebOS phone (and vice versa). No importing or exporting by hand; enable it once and forget about it.

    Dropbox also keeps track of revisions to your files for up to 30 days in the past, allowing you to easily revert changes if you accidentally delete something important.

    This update has taken me almost nine months (the last one and a half of which I have spent in beta testing), and I think you're going to love it.

    Let me know here or via email if you have any questions, comments, or feedback!

    You can find more information at
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    Ian Beck
    Maker of TapNote
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    Great app! I have a request though, could you add a task scene with checklist items? I would use that all the time!
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    I'm glad you're enjoying the app!

    Adding support for tasks is something that I would love to use myself, but there's still a number of bridges to cross before I get there (the first major bridge being the need to essentially rewrite the app with Enyo to take advantage of the upcoming TouchPad).

    Let me know if you have any other suggestions or feedback!
    Ian Beck
    Maker of TapNote
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    Interesting. In what kind of document format is it saved in your Dropbox?
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    Currently it saves everything to .txt files. I am considering adding other file formats but they will all still be plain text.
    Ian Beck
    Maker of TapNote
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    Not too sure what's the advantage over Evernote? I thought evernote is quite sufficient for cross platform notes taking.
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    I'm a big believer in the idea that not all tools are appropriate for all people. So if you are using and enjoying Evernote for cross-platform note-taking, please continue enjoying it with my blessing (for whatever that's worth). :-)

    However, part of the reason that I started developing TapNote in the first place was because none of the note-taking apps in the app catalog (including Evernote) made me happy. There's lots of reasons for this, but here are the ones specific to Evernote:

    - Evernote's clients (of which I've used the Mac one and the WebOS one) have never impressed me with their design. They are usually functional enough, but interface elements are often slightly off-kilter, badly placed, or simply one of a sea of options. This kind of thing isn't always immediately evident, but the little frustrations and inadequacies add up over time and use.

    - Evernote can store everything and the kitchen sink (images, rich text, etc.), but as a result it isn't particularly skillful at handling any given item (particularly text). I have never been happy with the editing experience in an Evernote client.

    - To access items in Evernote, you have to use an Evernote client.

    - Evernote for WebOS has been barely maintained over the course of its life.

    Unlike Evernote, TapNote handles a single thing: plain text. Because this is much simpler to manage than rich text, I am able to provide a writing environment with practically no interface to distract you from writing and reading. Additionally, I have tried to make everything in TapNote pixel-perfect, and rely on standard system graphics for the most part, to make the interface itself hopefully fade into the background.

    Evernote's strength is that they have a client out for just about every platform (even if any given client is substandard). TapNote's strength is that it is designed exclusively for WebOS, and yet thanks to the Dropbox integration you can still access and edit your notes from just about anywhere.

    Also a note on Dropbox: it's free, supremely useful for other things, and brings your TapNote notes directly into your computer's normal file system typically seconds after you save them on your phone. Aside from feeling pretty magical even to me (who knows exactly what is going on in the background), this is incredibly useful.

    Additionally, you can rely on TapNote steadily improving because I'm not developing it to make money (in fact, I compared the meager earnings I've had from Palm to date compared to the hours I've poured into this app, and so far I've made less than the minimum wage per hour in my state). I'm developing TapNote to scratch my own itch, and selling it because I think that other people probably have similar needs. Compare with Evernote, where they recently admitted that they basically stopped developing for WebOS because interest was so much higher for their iOS app.

    And lastly, I am an intelligent and communicative person who is passionate about his app and loves to talk about it with people (or help them debug their problems). I challenge you to get a lengthy and candid response like this from Evernote by asking a similar question.

    tl;dr? Short answer is that if you really want rich text or the ability to store images, then you should definitely stick with Evernote. But if you value an elegantly simple writing environment then I think TapNote will make you very happy indeed.

    Good luck finding the perfect tool for you!
    Ian Beck
    Maker of TapNote
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    Can you access your notes while offline?
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    Quote Originally Posted by matthew.rosenfelder View Post
    Can you access your notes while offline?
    Yes. TapNote's main priority is anywhere-access to your notes, so it saves them locally first, and pushes them to Dropbox second (if sync is on). Additionally, if you tap the sync button and let it complete its actions, you can be certain that you have the most recent copies of all your documents from Dropbox (which you can then work on locally whether you have Dropbox connectivity at the moment or not).

    If you're curious, the sync algorithm works something like this:

    - Every time you launch the app, it does a full sync (pulls down all changes on Dropbox and pushes any local changes that it finds)

    - When you change, rename, or delete a document on your WebOS phone, TapNote tries to immediately push that change to Dropbox (as a result, if you save the change by tossing away your last card, for instance, you may get a TapNote dashboard item for a few seconds while it finishes up the transaction with Dropbox).

    - While the app is running, it should periodically do a full sync in the background (if your screen is on; consumes no battery or data if your phone is asleep)

    If bandwidth or battery life is potentially an issue, you can turn off automatic Dropbox sync in the preferences. If you do so, TapNote will only connect to Dropbox when you tap the sync button.
    Ian Beck
    Maker of TapNote
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    For those folks who are interested in TapNote but not sure about it just yet, or for those living in a country without access to the paid App Catalog, there is now a free trial version available called TapNote Lite.
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    Ian Beck
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    Hi Ian. I rarely use any of the apps I buy but yours might be the one I can't live without! Either way I like supporting great developers, since I'm working on learning myself And by reading this thread I can tell if I have any questions or suggestions you'll be here! Thanks Clarice
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    Glad you're enjoying the app Clarice! It's actually a little faster usually to get in contact with me via email (tapnote at onecrayon dot com), but works out the same in the end since I'm subscribed to this thread via email. :-)
    Ian Beck
    Maker of TapNote
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    Hey, one quick question: I'm really considering moving from Android/iOS to webOS, and I need (as in, absolutely require) this type of Dropbox syncing app for that move to be successful (I currently use Notesy on my iPod touch and iPad, which then syncs to Notational Velocity on my Mac; everything is perfect and set up to sync between the devices via Dropbox).

    My question is, first, how does this app compare to Notesy on iOS, feature-wise?

    Also, can you specify where the notes from Tapnote will be synced to in the Dropbox directory?

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    I haven't used Notesy, but based on their site the two apps are pretty similar as far as basic features go. Some differences that sprang out after a quick perusal of their screenshots and blog:

    * TapNote has fewer settings (TapNote allows customizing the theme, font size, font, document list sorting, and whether the document list shows summaries)
    * TapNote only synchronizes .txt files, without any option for viewing non-text files that are in your Dropbox
    * TapNote does not currently offer character or word counts (no "document info" type screen)

    TapNote currently synchronizes with a root-level "TapNote" folder that it creates in your Dropbox. Choosing a custom folder to synchronize with instead is on my to-do list, but was prohibitively complicated for the original Dropbox-sync release (one of those features that there was no way I'd ship the update without it...right up until it took nine months to implement the basic sync features).

    I can't promise anything about when customizing the sync folder will make it into the app, unfortunately. TapNote development is pretty badly disrupted at the moment thanks to the upcoming TouchPad and Pre3 release (and the sweeping framework changes HP has been making as a result). Once things have calmed down somewhat, though, choosing the Dropbox folder to sync with will be a pretty high priority feature for me.

    Let me know if you have any other questions, and good luck in your decision over whether to switch to WebOS or not!
    Ian Beck
    Maker of TapNote
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    Alright, all sounds good. I can understand the confusion right now, and I'll make sure to look into TapNote again whenever the Pre 3 actually hits the market.
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    I'm installing the lite ver as I don't see the paid ver [USA-Verizon] I use DB all of the time and I think it's cool that this works with it.
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    Odd that the full version isn't showing up; what were you searching for?

    If you like TapNote Lite, please consider purchasing it! Here's a direct link to the App Catalog.
    Ian Beck
    Maker of TapNote
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    Quote Originally Posted by One Crayon View Post
    Odd that the full version isn't showing up; what were you searching for?

    If you like TapNote Lite, please consider purchasing it! Here's a direct link to the App Catalog.
    in preware I typed "tapnote"
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    It looks like Preware has the paid App Catalog feeds disabled by default (pretty sure I haven't modified the preferences in Preware, at least, and paid App Catalog is disabled for me). If you're regularly searching for App Catalog apps in Preware, you might want to head to Manage Feeds in the app menu and enable that feed.
    Ian Beck
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    Great application. It would be _very_ nice if it could be extended to sync with Tomboy files on Dropbox.
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