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    It's probably obvious to you all, but not to me.

    Be gentle with me
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    First step is go to the palm app catalog and download "App Scoop". That will give you access to apps in the beta and web feeds.

    some developers run private betas and to get in on those often have to get fancy, but start with app scoop.
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    You can also access the palm beta feeds through Preware by toggling on the palm-beta & palm-beta-updates feeds in the feed manager.
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    How about now, since HP has shut down the app feeds?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tib View Post
    How about now, since HP has shut down the app feeds?
    Now they're just unlisted, which for the beta apps, kinda makes sense; devs can email the beta access url to their testers and the url will redirect devices to the app entry where they can download it
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