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    after upgraded to the mac os x 10.7 beta, i cannot connect my pre+ using wqi. I've tried to reinstall novacom, but it cannot be installed.

    any other ways to install apps or convey/get files on lion(os x 10.7)?
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    I have all sorts of issues with Mac and WPI. I don't think the issue is the OS version. The issue seems to be novacom drivers are hard to uninstall/update. Things seem to work on a clean machine.

    Not sure this has anything to do with anything, but after upgrading to Mac Snow Leopard last week, my WQI stopped working, but my networked printer (hp) also stopped working. The funny thing is when I plugged in my Frankenpre with USB mode instead of just charge, suddenly the printer turned on... I think the MacOS upgrade has issues with drivers. Probably best to try to uninstall and reinstall. In the case of Novacom, may need to delete stuff from the terminal.

    Let me know if you have any success.
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    how to delete novacom completely using terminal?
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    i have issues as well need to delete novacom drivers and install new ones
    it keep failing to install them
    can you guys please help me uninstall them?
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    Quote Originally Posted by deadsoul View Post
    i have issues as well need to delete novacom drivers and install new ones. Can you guys please help me uninstall them?
    The new SDK-PDK installs the correct drivers on Lion now. There's an uninstall script to run in the .dmg you can download from

    You need to be logged in as an administrator on your machine for the uninstall (or to be a regular user who has been added to the SUDOers file). The script asks for your password and will only work if the logged in user has sufficient privileges on the system.
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    Hello, I am from China, my English is poor, I can only communicate with you through an online translator, I have to imac too much, I installed wqi not open on the imac 10.5, and I do not novacom will be installed in China must have the ability to get people to study the imac did not attempt to use wqi get method, so I have foreign friends to help, I hope you can save me, because this thing is I am going crazy, oh my god ! ! I hope you will help me, thank you. . .
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    The current version of WOSQI, v4.3.1, does work on Mac Lion
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