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    GroupMe is an amazingly simple yet powerful application that facilitates group texting, conference calling, etc. While it is usable on webOS phones via texting, a native application for webOS is lacking, preventing users from using some of the more advanced features. I emailed the GroupMe developer asking about any webOS development plans, and received the following reply:

    From: Steve Spillman
    Subject: GroupMe for webOS

    Hi there,
    A webOS app is something that we're definitely thinking about, but we're waiting to hear from enough users who would actually use it. This email certainly helps!
    Stay tuned.
    Steve Spillman

    View this Discussion online:

    I hope many of you will join me in lobbying for another great and incredibly useful addition to our App Catalog!

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    Just learned about this app today and it would be awesome to have this on webOS! I've often wished for a "group chat"-type setting in SMS, and this would be just the ticket. Please email them if you'd like this ported over, or go to the following link and hit the "me too!" button after logging in with Facebook, Twitter, etc.:

    Build an app for webOS (Palm) - GroupMe
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    I went and commented on their "make an app for my phone" topic in the FAQ!

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