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    Question.... I've purchased this app on my touchpad (love using it for my movies) but when I went to download it on my pre 2 it wants me to pay 6.99 again for it. Is there anything we can do about this? 14$ is alot to spend to have the SAME app on both devices. Thank you.
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    May I ask when you plan on optimizing for a Pre 3? I am using 0.3.4 dl'd directly from your site (after purchasing it for a Pre 2). The menu screen is up in the corner, as are controls. It plays fullscreen, but quality (blocky and grainy) and speed (not smooth) is pretty bad.


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    I'm also interested in seeing this app updated to support the Pre 3. It works great on my TouchPad but all garbled / menu is distorted on the Pre 3.

    FYI I submitted a ticket with KalemSoft and will update here when I get a definitive response.
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    Update: I got a response to my ticket and it doesn't look good, but they said the response wasn't a "no", just that they had no Pre 3 device to test with. I offered my services but I don't know if they are interested in public testers or not. Perhaps others could also offer and we could get a test pool together?
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    I'm using a touchpad with media streamer and even though the video has buffered ahead, the video is studdering and it says to lower the quality. Why is this happening when the whole video has buffered? I should be able to lose link and still watch without studder as long as I have buffer. Really, I wish I could set to buffer to memory so I can watch later without connection.
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    I found a bug:

    While watching video on the touchpad turn the screen off without pressing pause or going into card view. This stops playback, but when you go to turn it back on the program is frozen. Play doesn't resume and the program is unresponsive. To get it to play again, open the application tray and tap the application icon as if you were opening the app for the first time, it should resume play.
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    Hi: I just wanted to post and say please do consider subtitle support (.srt files). I have hearing loss, and cannot use the touchpad at all for watching videos because nothing supports subtitles unless they're hard-encoded and hard encoding is a lot of bother.

    I'll buy the app as soon as it's available.
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    I see the question asked a few times, but no response. Sorry if I'm missing something, but is there a linux server available? If not, has anyone had luck mounting remote drives (?w/ NFS?) to the TouchPad and using this player?
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    Waiting on a Pre 3 version, as well. I've used it on my Pre 2 (prior to upgrading to the 3). Is there a way to use it in its current state on the Pre 3?
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    Just downloaded this app and installed the server program on my computer and now I finally have a set up that allows me to view my baby monitor over 3g. The app itself is awesome... love it! Now, I don't want to stop at just the baby monitor but want to set up several other camera's around the house like a security system. Will a wireless IP camera work with the Kalemsoft? Or is there another type wireless camera that will work in this scenario. Thanks for any help you can provide.
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    what about streaming support for mpeg2 internet files..

    That way streams vom the dreambox (sat-receiver) could be opened in your player by entering the streaming url..
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    I can't get the audio to work while playing downloaded movies in various formats. Video looks great but no sound unless I use headphones work. I can't listen to mp3 music either. Music works with music player on HP Touchpad. Sound works on movie files on pc.
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    Latest KalemSoft video player shows video slower on my Veer, than sound. Only I have that problem?

    Veer has 800MHz CPU, this is really not enough?
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    Kalemsoft looks silent recently. No version update. I hope they still active make update for the media player to works better. It is the only media player we have on TouchPad that worth to buy.
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    I've been waiting on a Pre3 update too. I get the feeling a lot of app designers rarely check these forums anymore :-(
    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Bard View Post
    Kalemsoft looks silent recently. No version update. I hope they still active make update for the media player to works better. It is the only media player we have on TouchPad that worth to buy.
    you might be right, but i also wonder why nobody uses their 'official' forum
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    @ccx: I already contacted them directly. I mention about my problem with media player, and I even upload movie to their ftp to let them check, and yet no answer till now, It is already a month I'm waiting them to answer about my problem.
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