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    Quote Originally Posted by satchmo82 View Post
    if you're willing to spend a little bit more money to have it, you can download PlayOn (What's PlayOn? | PlayOn) to a PC in your home and then connect to it via your TouchPad that way.
    How well does that work? Is it seamless?
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    What if I want to watch Netflix at my work on my lunch hour? Will play on still work?
  3. #63 is for your computer all you need is the WebOs browser to watch it. I a have also looked at TVmobili which is a DLNA/PNP server. Can share any media on your PC with the Touchpad.

    Quote Originally Posted by JediPriestess View Post
    New to this particular site and yes, I am one of the many who snagged a HP TP 32gb (alphabet soup anyone??) for the steal price. Where would one find PlayOn as it is not in the HP App Catalog.

    Also, as much as I love and loathe Netflix, they don't seem to give a rats **** about their customers. I doubt any type of petition or threats are going to get them to create Netflix for anything besides what they already have their precious software in. They have become quite anal in their fame.

    Also I find it interesting that my last visit to this site was 12/31/1969....I wasn't even born yet! And that is just one of many problems with that date! LOL :P
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    as the firesale has created a bunch of new TP & webOS users, we need to now get the apps we want by emailing & tweeting companies. I have already started tweeting netflix & HBO for them to create webOS Touchpad apps!
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    True True True.

    I'd LOVE to have a NETFLIX app.
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    Here ya go!

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    all done
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    they will make it,if webOS have a future like HTC or samsung
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    Just sent
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    Quote Originally Posted by hirenpathak View Post
    guys, heard of PlayOn? Check it out. As Touchpad supports Flash, you can even watch Hulu on webOS
    This answer always pops up on these threads. I swear they have PRPRPR $people$ $that$ $post$ $this$ $on$ $every$ $question$ $on$ $every$ $forum$ $asking$ $about$ $how$ $to$ $play$ $certain$ $file$ $types$ $or$ $Netflix$ $or$ $whatever$. $PlayOn$ $is$ $a$ $mediocre$ $solution$ $that$ $requires$ $other$ $computers$ $to$ $be$ $on$.
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    We all know we want it. Now lets show how much we really want it!
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    Yes, please make a Netflix app.
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    Do want

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    please please...
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    her peas
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    <threads merged>
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    Apps: MyQ for Netflix (Phone/TouchPad), Giantbomb (Phone), Excavate (Reddit/Digg clients for TouchPad)
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    Someone has to be smart enough to get it working somehow.. And many would pay $10 for it.

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