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    The aim of Homebrew Gate app is to create a link between official apps and homebrew services. Homebrew provide Cross launching API s othat any developper can use it for App Catalog Apps.

    1. How to install Homebrew Gate ?
    2. Change log
    3. API for developpers
    4. Govnah support from multiple app launcher

    1. How to install Homebrew Gate ?

    Find it in Preware OR Tap on the following links to download package (you need preware installed on your device)

    Homebrew Gate V1.0.0

    2. Change Log :

    Version 1.0.0 : Govnah support API.

    3. API for developpers

    For exemple, to set Govnah profile 1, here’s the cross app launching code :
    this.controller.serviceRequest("palm://com.palm.applicationManager", {
    method: "launch",
    parameters: {
    id: "com.scienceapps.malhomebrewgate",
    params: {app:"govnah",action: "1"}
    4. Govnah support from multiple app launcher

    Maltiple App Launcher & Homebrew Gate working better together : Govnah setup from Multiple App Launcher :

    Govnah is an homebrew service and we need Homebrew Gate to be able to pilot Govnah.

    First step : Install Homrebrew Gate with Preware

    Second Step : To set a profile, you need to know the profile id. How to find it ?

    In Govnah, go to the profile list. each built in profile is identified with the following id :

    If you have created new profiles, the id can be find as described in the picture below

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