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    Lithium Messenger is the first application that allows you to create a link between your various social networks, email & SMS.

    Change Log & last updates

    Available in the app catalog HERE

    This application supports you in writing your posts to make your life easier! Choose Smileys, Mentions and Hashtags with a single finger gesture. Add links to websites (with short URL), upload Photos (Twitpic), upload Videos (twitpic) and Maps (GPS or location of an address with Google Maps). Shorten your text with automatic abbreviations.
    This Application lets you keep in one place all your messages from twitter, facebook, email, SMS and export them in a safe place.

    Lithium Messenger uses cross-app Launching to deliver all the power of WebOS multitasking :

    * To load tweets in your favorite twitter client (Support for Mobile Twitter, Bad Kitty, Twee, Tweedn TweetMe, Yak, Spaz Phnx beta, Carbon beta)
    * To load your facebook statuses (Support for Facebook, facebook beta)
    * To load your message in WebOS messaging or email apps.

    This is the first release of Lithium Messenger, I’ll push great updates on this app, so stay tuned !

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    thread moved. app looks sweet
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    This looks nice. Do you have any videos of it in action or more information? Is there a trial version?
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    looks cool. What are you planning to charge?
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    it will be available for 1.99 in the app catalog.

    video will come soon
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    next version 1.1 will support just type.
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    I don't understand the point of this app, or what it does. From what I can tell you can type a message (including shortened links and some other benefits perhaps), then post it to multiple locations at once (Facebook, Twitter, Email and Messaging)?
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    you can add mentions and hashtags without having to type them. Just use the horizontal scroller to select the latest mention & hashtags.

    the secondary aim is to export and Keep track of all your messages from twitter facebook, in order to edit cut and paste every part of a message.

    At last, Lithium Messenger helps you upload photo, vidéos & maps while writing your message. Smiley are also available in an horizontal scroller.
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    good app
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    I like the UI and color scheme, over all the app looks pretty nice. Any plans for a "lite" or trial version for us cheap folk who cant even bare to part with $1.99 on a whim?

    What can I say, I've been spoiled by cheap games from Steam and free apps in general haha.
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    What can I say, I've been spoiled by cheap games from Steam and free apps in general haha.
    ha ha ha ... I'll consider your idea
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    some more screenshots...

    Maps upload : current location or address.

    Export parts of message to use them again in another message.

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    seven background colors are available.

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    I think it have an issue with Carbon because when I try to tweet something with Lithium/Carbon it only sent in clipboard but with Badkitty I can access to tweet.
    However I thought in wrong way that Lithium could do something like Tweetdeck (have all my timeline FB and Twitter in the same app).
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    Ah, these background themes look alot like the Multiple App Launcher ones Way to make use of something cool from one of your other apps! So, is there no way to actually view your news feeds for twitter or facebook in this app? It is mainly used for composing and then launches the 3rd party supported apps you mention to post? When I first saw your app, I thought it was one that allowed us to view our facebook and twitter feeds in 1 app and got all excited.. :P
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    I have created lithium messenger to help you create tweets,facebook statuses and I.M as fast as possible. Choosing mentions and hashtags without having to rewrite cut copy paste them is really cool.

    The other cool point is that all your messages are saved and you can use each part of them for your latest tweet & statuses
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    for carbon, I'm waiting the version 1.2 to use the cross app launching api. Full support for carbon will come soon.
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    Well, you're a great dev and make awesome apps, so I'm going to buy it just to support you..
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