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    OpenAppMkt is a great ios app filled with html 5 web apps. It can't be that hard to port to webos since they also have a android version.

    When they started they want to support every platform possible so please tell them they are welcome and needed in the webos market place

    openappmkt . com

    i also started a forum thread on their web site
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    Um if they want to support every platform possible and don't know/care about webOS that's kinda their own problem. Why do we even need their app? It sounds like a bookmark app. Just bookmark it all in the browser ta-dah! We have enough crap apps in our market. I'm not going to go out asking for people to port the crap apps from other markets to ours.
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    Yeah it's probably a bookmark app, just like the Chrome App Store.

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    It is just a bookmark app - it works by saving the link to the iOS devices homescreen and won't work otherwise.
    However a lot of it's apps I would imagine would run easily if we made the browser fullscreen and spoofed the iPhone web app browser thingy as the pre has the same resolution screen as the pre retina iOS devices.

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